The progression of photographer

март 1, 2007

Преди малко попаднах на нещо интересно. За съжаление е на английски, но това едва ли е чак такъв проблем. Става дума за стъпките, през които преминава един фотограф в началото на обучението си:

1. You start out with very little knowledge

2. You start doing research and realize it is much more difficult than you imagined.

3. You begin to pick up knowledge, the technical side of things.

4. You begin to use the technical knowledge and it works.

5. You start to feel as if you are mastering the technical

6. You begin to feel you know a LOT.

7. You start posting images that you are proud of.

8. You KNOW your images are better than much of what you see.

9. Family and friends start to oooo and aaaahhh at your images

10. Pro’s don’t seem to acknowledge you.

11. You think it’s jealousy.

12. You reach a valley in your photography. You are starting to notice that your images aren’t quite what you thought they would be.

13. You start to notice that, in your images, the models hands, the composition, the depth…isn’t quite what you wanted.

14. Even your very favorite photograph isn’t as good as you once thought. „I should have . . . „

15. You are now completely dissatisfied with everything you have ever shot.

16. You begin to realize that your photography is NOTHING compared to the masters.

17. You begin to see the differences in your photography compared to what you see published.

18. Now you are beginning to learn.

Аз съм някъде около стъпка 15-16. Остава ми много малко… за да започна да се уча!

Честита Баба Марта на всички! Успех и много успехи, както и здраве, то пък най-важното!


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